Countryside Walks directly from your accommodation


Countryside Walks directly from your accommodation

Walk 1.

 Through the gate onto the lane, then left to the main road.

Keep on our side of the road and cross just past our sign, you will see an opening with the footpath ahead.

Walk through the woods, then keep to the right hand side of the field until you reach the road although it is possible to get onto onto the woodland path on the right if you keep an eye out for the gap in the trees. There is a shallow dip which needs crossing at that point so if you’re unsure, continue on the bridle path at the edge of the field.

Cross the Road to the Skipwith Common Car Park and go straight ahead through the wooden gate onto the Common.

Straight ahead is another wooden gate to access the common.

After a  while you’ll come to a lane in the common which you can either turn left to the Bomb Bays and come back again or turn right towards Skipwith Village.

At the end of the lane pass the houses on Common road which brings you out at Skipwith Pond. Follow the road on your right at the sharp bend and turn right into the woods past the last house in Skipwith. Over the wooden bridge and through the woods brings you to our lane where you will turn right and head back to Skipwith Station.



 Walk 2. 

 Out of the gate turn on to the lane and go right. Walk until you pass Station House then at the second house, Woodland Cottage, turn left in to the woods.

Walk through the woods and cross over the little wooden bridge and turn left.

 This is the route to The Drovers. You come out at the bottom of the main road that leads up to Skipwith Station. Cross the road and you will see The Drovers to the right in the direction of York  (Skipwith Station to The Drovers is around 15 Minutes)

Walk 3.

Turn right from our gate and keep walking to the end of the lane and join the track straight ahead. 

With open fields on your right and the woodland to your left, you have the choice of turning left and following the track that branches off or keep walking until you see two tree trunks with another broken branch wedged in between them. Turn left here and follow the track through the woods to the fields which join up with the woodland and little wooden bridge which takes you back to Skipwith Station.

 This walk can be slightly disorientating as the woodland can look all the same, so beware ………